construction temporary fence

Product Name: construction temporary fence

Model NO: NF-TF-002

Product Description : 1.Wire Dia.:3mm-4mm 2.Panel Size:2100x2400mm 3.Mesh Size:60x150mm180*60mm 4.Pipe Size:32-2mm


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 temporary fence Product advantage:

1 the grid structure succinct, beautiful and practical,

2. Easy to transport and install by rolling terrain limit,

3. Especially for mountain slopes, and strong adaptability to bend zone,

4. The price is low, medium for large area uses.

temporary dog fence Application:

1. Construction sites and private property.

2. Residential housing sites and public restriction.

3. Portable fence for public events, sports, festivals,etc.

4. For swimming pool fence.

5. And many other uses

temporary  fence Specification

Wire diameter(mm) 3.0-4.0
Panel height(mm) 1800/ 2100/ 2400
Panel width(mm) 2000-3500
Mesh shape Square,rectangle
Mesh size(mm) 150*75, 100*50, 200*50, 300*50etc.
Frame pipe diameter(mm) 32/38/40/42/48 etc.
Frame pipe thickness(mm) 1.2-2.0mm
Surface treatment Galvanized(common and popular), pvc coated
fence fittings

1. Metal or plastic feet
2. Steel clips/clamps

Advantages 1. Quickly and easily installed, flexible and reuse
2. Widely used in construction sites